Study Groups and Programmes

Christian formation and growth in discipleship at St John's

At St John's we provide a variety of opportunities for growth in Christian understanding and discipleship. We believe this should be done in a loving and supportive environment that recognises that faith grows when it is stretched:

  • Our Sunday sermons are thoughtful and sometimes challenging attempts to explore issues of faith and their consequences for how we live, often arising from one of the bible readings set for the day.
  • We have an on-going study programme called Travelling On, which is held during the autumn and winter each year. David, our priest, spent much of his ministry before he retired in various kinds of theological education, and Travelling On makes use of course-work material that he developed in the past. David has re-edited this material for Travelling On and he usually leads the sessions. Participation involves quite a bit of reading, which can be fairly demanding, in preparation for the group meetings; the course is designed to appeal to those who want to do some serious study and exploration of Christian faith. You can find out more about this study programme by clicking this link.
  • Each year in Lent we run a five-week Lent Course using either material we have written ourselves, or a course produced by one of the church publishers. This is always less demanding than Travelling On, with a good deal less reading, but plenty of opportunity for discussion and the sharing of experiences and points of view.
  • We are currently planning to introduce an Emmaus Course for people who would like an accessible introduction or refresher course on Christian basics. Further Information about Emmaus is available here.
  • We strongly recommend our young people, and anyone else who uses the internet, to check out Foundations 21, the Bible Reading Fellowship's web-based discipleship course. This offers an excellent interactive study programme exploring Christian discipleship and understanding at a variety of levels and in a number of learning styles which each participant can choose for themselves. And it's completely free of charge! You can find out more about Foundations 21 here. Each person using Foundations 21 does so as an individual, but we encourage those from St John's who are doing so to meet in groups from time to time to share experiences and compare notes.