What goes on at our Sunday and midweek services


The main service is at 10.30. There is also a traditional said service of Holy Communion at 08.30, almost always with the Reserved Sacrament, because David, our honorary priest, lives too far way to get there that early on a Sunday morning!

Our seasonal worship booklets include 'local variations' drawing on the resources of Anglican liturgical practice from other parts of the world. They provide for lay presiding ministers with the Reserved Sacrament as well as for a presiding priest.

Our musical setting was composed by Bernard Hill, our usual organist, who is also a member of the Ministry Leadership Team.

In our worship we try to reflect our convictions about collaborative ministry:

  • we use an altar in the body of the church to remind us that we are all celebrating the eucharist;
  • we don't have a choir (except for special events) - our numerous good singers sit in the congregation - but we do sing a lot;
  • there's almost always a worship leader alongside the presider;
  • someone else usually preaches;
  • members of the congregation welcome the worshippers, read the Bible and lead the prayers;
  • those conducting the service don't process in while everyone stands, but join the gathering assembly before the service starts, like the other worshippers;
  • about 30 people are involved in the regular leadership of our worship in one way or another.

David, our honorary priest, is sometimes the presider, but may also sit in the congregation, or be the welcomer, the preacher, the worship leader or the leader of the prayers - though not usually more than one at a time!



We have an informal midweek Eucharist each Wednesday at 10.00, which takes place in the chancel. This service is in contemporary language, following the Episcopalian (Anglican) outline, but with different wording from our Sunday worship. On the second Wednesday of the month, when David usually presides, anointing with oil is included at the sharing of the bread and wine.

On Ash Wednesday the midweek service includes the imposition of ashes.

During Holy Week we celebrate the institution of Holy Communion at 19.30 on the evening of Maundy Thursday with a service that may include foot-washing, and that is followed by the stripping of the altar and a vigil until 22.00. There is usually a short meditative act of worship or a walk of witness on Good Friday. On Holy Saturday we have a Service of Light and the Renewal of Baptismal Vows at 19.30.

We sometimes hold an evening service of Holy Communion on Ascension Day.