What We Do

Life at St John's: a selection of our wide range of activities.


The main Sunday worship at St John's is based on the Scottish Liturgy of 1982. We use our own versions of this for each season of the church's year.

You can find out more about our worship by following this link.


At St John's we encourage each other to think about our faith so as to be confident about what we do (and don't) believe as followers of Jesus. We recognise that thinking discipleship sometimes has to confront questions that have no easy answers, but we have found that faith is strengthened and hope is renewed when we explore what we believe (and doubt) together. Find out more about opportunities for study here.



Celebration is at the heart of the life of St John's: after all, we meet to celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday! So it's not surprising if we get together to party at regular intervals too. And friends from other churches or from none are always welcome to join in.

Find out more about our active social life here.

St John's Voice


St John's Voice (not your typical church publication) is our quarterly magazine. Produced in-house in colour, it contains no rotas or advertising, no naff standardised inserts from religious publishing houses, and only the briefest of diaries of forthcoming events in the life of St John's.

St John's Voice is not yet published on-line, but sample issues are available to look at here.